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Butterfly Necklace - Represent Gold Ribbon

Butterfly Necklace - Represent Gold Ribbon

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10% of profits go toward funding pediatric cancer research and treatment programs.

Our mission is stitching the EMOTION
of being the reason for healthy wing flapping MOTION

Support with friends.
Add 3 necklaces, get the 3rd Free!


It's all to help cancer patients undergo their transformation.

As much as I created this store to help our family put food on our table, it's how many hearts I influence that matters, not pockets.

We chose the name

Gave Wings

to be associated with the butterfly and our customers giving a wing to children in need.

The most important thing we want to represent is the child who shows strength and perseverance, a parent who continues to show courage and bravery even when their heart is breaking. The extraordinary ability to go through important changes. And that's what butterflies are.

A symbol of real change and transformation being possible. Butterflies are deep and powerful representation of life.

The butterfly’s journey is to be admired and so are you. 

Stand proud, step forward, be bold and beautiful — and take flight.


The color gold symbolizes how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood cancer heroes.

Wear the cause and spread awareness.

We only work with high-quality ingredients. The necklace is gold plated brass and it is resistant to corrosion.

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